the Day My Dear One Went Missing!

Each of us holds a priceless piece in life. Boptid’s innovative necklaces offer freedom, safety, and peace of mind through a simple yet effective solution for you and your vulnerable loved ones. 

Who needs boptid?

If you’re a caregiver for a loved one at risk of going missing, or if you’re concerned they might forget or leave behind important identification belongings, Boptid necklaces provide the peace of mind you’re looking for. With Boptid necklaces, you ensure that your loved ones can be found and identified more easily during critical times, guaranteeing faster, safer, and smoother reunions that protect their safety and well-being.

What we offer

As a dynamic startup, through the power of effective marketing campaigns and social awareness, we aim to create a strong impact on the lives of vulnerable individuals and their caregivers. Our cost-effective, sustainable, and stylish necklaces, along with a user-friendly hub page, give each individual the autonomy they deserve.

Get to know us

Despite existing tracking devices, missing person ads still capture our attention in neighborhoods. This sparked our concept of simplifying the reunion of missing individuals with Boptid Necklaces—a simple idea of safety and care for loved ones. We combined modern innovation with timeless principles to create wooden necklaces that bridge technology and nature.


Our wooden sustainable necklaces unite safety and style by blending nature and innovation. Using eco-friendly materials, we ensure skin safety and durability suitable for everyday wear.

Qr Code

Engraved QR codes on the back of Boptid necklaces, provide extra security through cost-effective, battery-free technology, ensuring lifelong use with no SIM or network restrictions.

Hub Page

Boptid’s innovative hub page is a pivotal user-friendly feature, containing vital, updatable information, ensuring effective contact with caregivers and fast reunions for missing individuals.

Delving deep into our product

Blending technology and style, our accessory offers comfort and practicality. The triangular design stands for stability and unity, color-coded for easy recognition while preserving the dignity and confidence of the wearer. Each color corresponds to awareness standards for various vulnerable groups, reflecting our commitment to impactful support. The selection of eco-friendly and sustainable materials in creating our necklaces echoes our commitment to a greener future.

How it works

Why choose us?

Our emphasis on the dignity and autonomy of vulnerable individuals ensures inclusivity within society, granting them the freedom they deserve while ensuring their safety in a socially aware and responsible community. Families and caregivers find peace of mind, knowing that loved ones can be promptly returned to safety through a simple and cost-effective solution.


  • Battery-free

    No need for batteries or charging. Lifetime accessibility, eco-friendly, and sustainable.

  • No SIM card

    No SIM or roaming needed. Use effortlessly, no added costs. Travel-friendly and convenient.

  • Customizable

    Customized contact hub featuring up-to-date information. Monthly, hassle-free updates.

  • Location independant

    Non-reliant to any location or network coverage. Always reachable with smooth functionality.


  • Waterproof and Durable

    Waterproof, practical and versatile design suitable for daily activities everyday wear.

  • Stylish

    Triangular wooden design, symbolizing stability and unity. Colored for easy recognition, while preserving dignity.

  • Sustainable, Eco-friendly

    PEFC certified plywood made in Finland. Environmentally safe, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, VOC free paint.

  • Privacy Protection

    Privacy protection secured by storing and sharing essential customizable information.

How to own my Boptid?

No sign-up needed for Boptid necklace purchase! Just signup to Activate and submit Hub Page details.


Purchase your custom-engraved Boptid QR code necklace today.


Sign up and activate your necklace by joining Boptid Plus.

Hub Page

Submit details to setup your tailor made Hub Page within 48 hours.


Ensuring the safety of vulnerable individuals is a growing concern. Despite advancements in technology, the task of finding missing persons promptly remains a challenge causing distress for families, and caregivers, when time is essential for well-being of these individuals.


Existing safety devices relying on batteries and network services may fall short in efficiently locating and reuniting missing persons, causing stress for families and caregivers, jeopardizing the individual’s safety and well-being, and presenting challenges and costs for society.


QR-coded necklaces, paired with customizable hub pages, facilitate effortless communication with families and caregivers. Through the power of society and social awareness, prioritizing both safety and dignity for vulnerable individuals.

Raising Awareness and Making an Impact

To enter Finland’s market, we’ll boost awareness via digital marketing, impactful visuals in cities, and traditional print materials. Partnering with schools, care centers, foundations, and associations, we’ll actively engage communities through local events and fundraisers to amplify Boptid’s presence. Our campaigns will ignite social responsibility and online sharing, shaping a compassionate society where Boptid necklaces provide solace to families and caregivers.
“Join us in raising awareness for those in need.”


Our mission is to provide unwavering protection and support for vulnerable individuals, ensuring their safety and well-being through innovative solutions and a community-driven approach.


Our vision is to build a global community where the safety and well-being of vulnerable individuals are paramount, fostering an inclusive and compassionate society that leaves no one behind.


Our goal is to simplify the process of reuniting missing individuals through efficient solutions, prioritizing their safety and well-being, as well as providing peace of mind to families and caregivers.

Share Your Insights

Shape the future and participate in our survey

We firmly believe in collaboration and community engagement. Through regular surveys and partnerships with caregivers, parents, families, organizations, and care centers, we seek valuable insights to personalize our hub page and necklaces for vulnerable individuals. As we expand, staying connected with our community remains crucial, enabling us to adapt and improve based on their feedback. Together, we empower safety and create a world where vulnerable individuals feel secure and supported through Boptid’s dedicated efforts.

Frequent Questions

Boptid is an innovative safety solution designed to protect vulnerable individuals, such as those with dementia, autism, ADHD, and young children. It is a unique combination of stylish wooden necklaces, QR codes, and a tailor-made online hub page that holds vital contact information.

Each Boptid necklace is engraved with a QR code uniquely generated for every individual. When someone finds a missing person wearing the necklace, scanning the QR code leads them to the individual's personalized hub page, providing access to contact details for swift reunions.

Yes, Boptid necklaces are crafted with both comfort and practicality in mind. The design features a round-cornered triangle symbolizing stability and the union of body, mind, and spirit. The necklace cord length is suited to be worn in the area near the xiphisternum of the chest for easy wear and visibility at times needed. 

The color-coded necklaces represent different vulnerable groups. Turquoise blue for children, purple for individuals with dementia, navy blue for autism, and orange for ADHD. This helps people easily recognize and identify vulnerable individuals in need of assistance.

Yes, we are committed to sustainability. The wood comes from certified suppliers holding the PEFC certification for sustainable forests. We use 100% natural and non-toxic dyes to color our necklaces, and our production processes prioritize eco-friendliness.

Boptid's hub page is a personalized public contact information center. It contains essential details of vulnerable individuals, including caregivers' and families' contact information. Easy-access clickable buttons enable fast communication for swift reunions.

Absolutely! The hub page is tailor-made and customizable to fit the specific needs of your loved one. You can include pinned locations on Google Maps, emergency contacts, social media profiles, and preferred healthcare contacts.

Boptid aims to create a world where safety and compassion prevail. By raising awareness and encouraging communities to spot vulnerable individuals wearing our color-coded necklaces, we empower people to take prompt action in reuniting missing individuals with their families and caregivers.

Yes, we actively seek partnerships with organizations, schools, care centers, foundations, and associations to help raise awareness of Boptid. Collaborations enable us to reach a wider audience and ensure our safety solution is widely recognized and available.

We have a comprehensive return policy and product guarantee based on EU standards. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please refer to our dedicated sections on returns and guarantees for more information. At Boptid, we prioritize safety and aim to provide peace of mind for families, caregivers, and vulnerable individuals. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact our support team.

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