Our Story

Our story begins with a simple idea – caring for the safety of our loved ones.

You know those times when you slip little notes into your bags before going on a trip, just in case? Or tuck a piece of paper or even a card with phone numbers and addresses into your grandparent’s pockets in case they forget the way back home? These actions inspired us to create something that suits today’s world.

Life moves fast, and getting older brings its own set of challenges. As we watched our parents age, we felt that concern growing, imagining them facing memory challenges while still having the desire for freedom and the ability to perform daily tasks independently. We also thought about families with vulnerable children and the daily worries they experience regarding their loved ones getting lost while exploring the outside world.

And that’s where the idea of Boptid Necklaces began to take shape – a small accessory with a significant purpose. While there are plenty of gadgets and GPS devices out there, we realized there was room for something simpler, something not dependent on batteries or network connections. Our aim was to combine the latest technology with timeless elements and infuse a touch of nature into our creation, recognizing our responsibility to safeguard loved ones while also protecting the Earth for future generations.

“Why necklaces?” you might ask. We believe necklaces are more than just adornments; they’re expressions of individuality that transcend age and style. Unlike other accessories that may not resonate with everyone, a necklace is a universally cherished symbol of identity and sentiment. Our goal was to craft something that becomes an integral part of your daily life, something you don’t need to remove, worry about misplacing, or forget to take along – a guardian that’s always there.

Then came the wood. A material so close to nature’s heart, it just felt right. Our love for crafting handmade jewelry from driftwood, stones, seashells, and brass found its purpose here. Wood is both sturdy and soft, enduring yet comforting, which deeply resonated with us. It’s a medium that captures the essence of Finland’s lush forests, our chosen home for Boptid. What better tribute to the land of forests than using wood – reminding us of the Earth’s fragility, much like our loved ones, and the necessity to nurture it.

Hatef Mehraban


"People and children at risk of going missing need extra care for their safety. With our efforts, this will become a reality in the future. Stay with us; we'll take care of you!"

Avishan Keshavarz


"I imagine a day where every parent and every vulnerable child and our dear parents can walk in a society feeling safe and free, knowing they will return home safe and sound."

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We firmly believe in collaboration and community engagement. Through regular surveys and partnerships with caregivers, parents, families, organizations, and care centers, we seek valuable insights to personalize our hub page and necklaces for vulnerable individuals. As we expand, staying connected with our community remains crucial, enabling us to adapt and improve based on their feedback. Together, we empower safety and create a world where vulnerable individuals feel secure and supported through Boptid’s dedicated efforts.

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