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    [cf7mls_step cf7mls_step-1 "Next" ""] Constant supervisionTracking devicesMedicationOther Lack of effective solutionsDifficulty in trackingLimited communication toolsOther Easy access to contact informationUser-friendly interfaceImmediate connectionCustomizable optionsOther EmailSMSCallMobile app [cf7mls_step cf7mls_step-2 "Back" "Next" "Step 2"] Community partnershipsAdvocacy and educationSocial campaignsMerchandise promotions Immediately contact me or my designated emergency contactStay with my loved one and ensure their safety until I arriveNotify local authorities and provide the necessary informationProvide primary care (e.g., food, water, shelter) [cf7mls_step cf7mls_step-3 "Back" "Next" "Step 3"] Mobile phone numberAlternative phone numberEmail addressHome address [cf7mls_step cf7mls_step-4 "Back" "Next" "Step 4"]

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