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Boptid Necklaces are a unique blend of technology and style designed for comfort and practicality while providing a highly effective and efficient safety solution. Each necklace is color-coded for easy identification, representing four major vulnerable groups at risk of going missing, including young children, dementia patients, and individuals with ADHD or autism.
Crafted from sustainable wood and eco-friendly materials, every necklace is meticulously shaped, making the necklaces suitable and practical for everyday wear. Each necklace features a custom engraved QR code for swift access to essential contact details and information included in the personalized Hub Page that facilitates seamless communication with parents or caregivers.
Boptid Necklaces introduce an innovative solution bringing peace of mind to those in need and the autonomy and freedom that vulnerable individuals deserve.

Necklace and Materials

Color concept

Boptid necklace colors go beyond symbolism to provide real protection. Carefully selected based on recognized awareness colors for different vulnerable groups, they enable quick identification and aid. These globally acknowledged colors, tied to awareness movements, ensure Boptid necklaces worn by vulnerable individuals are easily recognized.

Practicality and design

Symbolizing stability and strength, the triangle design represents harmony and unity, highlighting the importance of support that vulnerable individuals need within the community. With its three sides reflecting Body, Mind, and Spirit, the triangle represents the holistic well-being and resilience of the wearer, bringing them a sense of support and strength to engage in everyday life’s challenges with confidence and pride. 

Pendant placement

Choosing to position the pendant at the solar plexus chakra on the chest was a purposeful decision. This area symbolizes personal power and confidence across cultures. Positioned at the xiphoid process on the chest, it brings comfort while being easily identifiable. This strategic placement guarantees convenient wear and provides fast recognition by potential helpers during crucial times.

Material and quality

Our commitment to quality extends to the heart of our materials. We have chosen sustainable certified PEFC wood from trusted Finnish suppliers as the foundation for our necklaces. Complementing this environmentally-conscious choice, we employ non-toxic dyes and natural oils for waterproofing and long-lasting durability, ensuring both environmental and user safety.

QR code on the necklace

A QR code is a type of 2D barcode made of black and white squares that smartphones can scan. It holds information like text or web links using binary code and patterns. Boptid’s QR code is custom-made and discreetly engraved on our necklaces. When scanned with a smartphone, it leads to a personalized online hub page with details about the wearer. This means the QR code acts as a direct link between the wearer and their caregivers, providing quick access to vital information in emergencies. This technology ensures the safety and well-being of vulnerable individuals by seamlessly connecting the QR code to the hub page.

Hub Page and Information Center

The Boptid Hub Page serves as a central platform for crucial information, containing personalized details about the wearer. 

Anna Sharron

The Boptid Hub Page stands out for its unmatched ability to provide vital information instantly in emergency situations. Think of it as a virtual bridge that links the person scanning the QR code to the most important and up-to-date details about the wearer of the Boptid necklace. This lifesaving feature is especially valuable in emergencies, where time is precious and informed decisions are critical. The Hub Page is a secure and personalized online platform designed to prioritize the safety and well-being of vulnerable individuals. It’s a user-friendly digital space tailored to offer essential information and support precisely when they are needed the most. 

Function and accessibility

The Hub Page serves as a central repository of information about the wearer of the Boptid necklace. When the QR code on the necklace is scanned by the finder, aiding individual, or the police, they are instantly directed to this page. This immediate connection enables quick access to important details to aid and support the vulnerable individual in cases of going missing and even in emergency situations. Through easily accessible clickable buttons, seamless communication is guaranteed, providing a sense of security and reassurance for vulnerable individuals and their caregivers.

Personalized details

Boptid’s Hub Page contains comprehensive and personalized information about the wearer. This can include pinned locations on Google Maps, phone numbers, emergency contact information, medical details, special needs, allergies, and any other pertinent data. Furthermore, caregivers and families have the unique option to upload comforting videos, which can significantly alleviate their loved ones’ anxiety while awaiting their safe return. Caregivers, family members, and support networks can update this information through our authorized support team.

Ease of use

The Hub Page’s interface is user-friendly and straightforward, requiring no special technical skills to access information. This simplicity ensures that it can be effectively used by a wide range of individuals, including police and associated aiding teams and first responders and emergency teams.

Secure and confidential

Privacy and security are paramount in the design of the Hub Page. Access to the setup and updating information on the hub page is restricted to our authorized team only. This ensures that sensitive data remains confidential and protected.

Adaptability and updates

The Hub Page is designed to adapt to changing information when medical conditions or contact details change over time. Caregivers and families can update the information as needed simply submitting the updates via their profile.

Share Your Insights

Shape the future and participate in our survey

We firmly believe in collaboration and community engagement. Through regular surveys and partnerships with caregivers, parents, families, organizations, and care centers, we seek valuable insights to personalize our hub page and necklaces for vulnerable individuals. As we expand, staying connected with our community remains crucial, enabling us to adapt and improve based on their feedback. Together, we empower safety and create a world where vulnerable individuals feel secure and supported through Boptid’s dedicated efforts.

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