Sustainability is woven into the essence of Boptid Necklaces. Our wood comes from sustainable forests based in Finland, and our non-toxic dyes prioritize both skin safety and environmental health. Natural finishes, plastic-free packaging, and a conscious production approach reflect our commitment to a greener future.


Crafting stylish, minimal necklaces, wood takes the spotlight as a symbol of strength and unity with nature. The triangular form signifies stability, color-coded for quick recognition while boosting wearer confidence. Blending innovation and tradition, we prioritize comfort, practicality, and modern aesthetics for all ages.

Social Awareness

Raising social awareness is central to our mission. We are dedicated to fostering social awareness and responsibility through strategic partnerships, collaborations, and local campaigns, amplifying awareness around safeguarding vulnerable individuals at risk of going missing to create a kinder and safer society.

Peace of Mind

Boptid necklaces offer families and caregivers peace of mind, providing a reliable safety solution for their loved ones. In emergencies or if the vulnerable individual goes missing, there is a swift and effective method for finders to contact the authorized contacts and facilitate a prompt reunion.


Our battery-free and sturdy design guarantees a sustainable and cost-effective safety solution, reducing maintenance expenses. With no need for SIM cards or network services, our product eliminates roaming fees during travels, keeping individuals protected and connected regardless of location.

Social Impact

Through our innovative solutions, families and caregivers find reassurance, knowing their loved ones can be swiftly reunited in a socially conscious society. We cultivate a safer, more empathetic community where collective efforts prioritize the protection of vulnerable individuals.

Join us in shaping a future of safety and compassion, hand in hand. Your involvement matters.

Campaigns and Merchandise

 Bold Messages, creating awareness for a brighter tomorrow.

Real World Talks

At Boptid, we value the power of physical communication. Flyers and posters don’t just catch your eye – they speak to your heart. When we strategically place them, they light up social awareness and bring communities together for our cause. In today’s world of digital noise, we choose simple, real-world materials to inspire change and gather support for Boptid.

Amid a digital age, we find strength in things we can touch – like paper, posters, and printed messages. That’s why at Boptid, we believe in the impact of flyers, posters, and real-world ads. These things tell stories visually, grabbing attention and stirring feelings that digital ads often can’t.

Whether it’s a Boptid flyer on a community board or a poster at a bus stop, it’s not just an ad – it’s an invitation to engage. These physical pieces don’t just tell our mission; they talk to your senses, leaving a strong impression. They create opportunities for personal connection as people stop, read, and think. They spark conversations among friends, colleagues, and even strangers – conversations that are harder to come by in the digital world.


Share Your Insights

Shape the future and participate in our survey

We firmly believe in collaboration and community engagement. Through regular surveys and partnerships with caregivers, parents, families, organizations, and care centers, we seek valuable insights to personalize our hub page and necklaces for vulnerable individuals. As we expand, staying connected with our community remains crucial, enabling us to adapt and improve based on their feedback. Together, we empower safety and create a world where vulnerable individuals feel secure and supported through Boptid’s dedicated efforts.

Frequent Questions

Boptid is an innovative safety solution designed to protect vulnerable individuals, such as those with dementia, autism, ADHD, and young children. It is a unique combination of stylish wooden necklaces, QR codes, and a tailor-made online hub page that holds vital contact information.

Each Boptid necklace is engraved with a QR code uniquely generated for every individual. When someone finds a missing person wearing the necklace, scanning the QR code leads them to the individual's personalized hub page, providing access to contact details for swift reunions.

Yes, Boptid necklaces are crafted with both comfort and practicality in mind. The design features a round-cornered triangle symbolizing stability and the union of body, mind, and spirit. The necklace cord length is suited to be worn in the area near the xiphisternum of the chest for easy wear and visibility at times needed.

The color-coded necklaces represent different vulnerable groups. Turquoise blue for children, purple for individuals with dementia, navy blue for autism, and orange for ADHD. This helps people easily recognize and identify vulnerable individuals in need of assistance.

Yes, we are committed to sustainability. The wood comes from certified suppliers holding the PEFC certification for sustainable forests. We use 100% natural and non-toxic dyes to color our necklaces, and our production processes prioritize eco-friendliness.

Boptid's hub page is a personalized public contact information center. It contains essential details of vulnerable individuals, including caregivers' and families' contact information. Easy-access clickable buttons enable fast communication for swift reunions.

Absolutely! The hub page is tailor-made and customizable to fit the specific needs of your loved one. You can include pinned locations on Google Maps, emergency contacts, social media profiles, and preferred healthcare contacts.

Boptid aims to create a world where safety and compassion prevail. By raising awareness and encouraging communities to spot vulnerable individuals wearing our color-coded necklaces, we empower people to take prompt action in reuniting missing individuals with their families and caregivers.

Yes, we actively seek partnerships with organizations, schools, care centers, foundations, and associations to help raise awareness of Boptid. Collaborations enable us to reach a wider audience and ensure our safety solution is widely recognized and available.

We have a comprehensive return policy and product guarantee based on EU standards. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please refer to our dedicated sections on returns and guarantees for more information.
At Boptid, we prioritize safety and aim to provide peace of mind for families, caregivers, and vulnerable individuals. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact our support team.

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