Who needs Boptid?

At Boptid, we understand the challenges faced by families, caregivers, and communities when it comes to the safety of vulnerable individuals. Our innovative Boptid necklaces are designed with a simple yet powerful idea – to ensure rapid and safe reunions for those who are at risk of going missing. Whether it’s a loved one with dementia, autism, ADHD, or a young child, our necklaces are the perfect safety companion.

The statistics highlight the urgent need for solutions to safeguard vulnerable individuals. In Finland alone, 1,122,327 people, including those with autism, dementia, ADHD, and young children, require effective safety measures. The opportunity to make a positive impact extends to 2,892,028 individuals in the Nordic countries and 15,793,049 individuals in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, across the European Union, a staggering 92,100,000 individuals need protection, underscoring the vast potential for Boptid to reach and assist countless vulnerable lives. We are driven to address these concerns and create a safer, more compassionate world for all. Together, let’s stand strong in our commitment to protect those who need it the most.

Together we help provide the dignity, freedom, and autonomy that every vulnerable individual deserves

Child safety




Boptid necklaces offer security and peace of mind to a wide range of people and communities.
Other groups that can benefit from Boptid necklaces include:

Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions: Boptid provides added security for children with special needs during outings or events, giving peace of mind to parents, teachers, and school staff.

Elderly Care Centers

Residents at elderly care centers can wear Boptid necklaces, providing reassurance to their families and ensuring their safety is prioritized.

Adventures and Travelers

Boptid necklaces offer an added layer of safety for outdoor enthusiasts engaged in activities such as hiking, camping, and adventure sports. This protection proves particularly valuable in remote locations. Moreover, travelers can rely on Boptid necklaces to elevate their safety levels when exploring unfamiliar destinations or high-risk areas.

High-Risk Pros & Safety Seekers

Professionals working in high-risk fields can wear Boptid for enhanced safety and to be easily recognized by emergency services. Beyond that, anyone who prioritizes safety—whether due to personal situations or lifestyle choices—can rely on Boptid to ensure their well-being.

With Boptid necklaces, we encourage a compassionate community where the safety and well-being of every individual are of the utmost importance.

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We firmly believe in collaboration and community engagement. Through regular surveys and partnerships with caregivers, parents, families, organizations, and care centers, we seek valuable insights to personalize our hub page and necklaces for vulnerable individuals. As we expand, staying connected with our community remains crucial, enabling us to adapt and improve based on their feedback. Together, we empower safety and create a world where vulnerable individuals feel secure and supported through Boptid’s dedicated efforts.

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